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Mardi Gras: Costume Style Watch

February 28, 2017

Mardi Gras: Costume Style Watch

Tomorrow, the wigs, sequins, tassels, feathers and rhinestones will be put safely back into their storage bins and tucked away until next Mardi Gras season. However one thing will remain constant even without the pageantry, and that is the all consuming love and acceptance that our community continues to strive for. Today, we shared food, hugs, laughter and memories with complete strangers. Tomorrow and a week from now we will do the same. We will acknowledge each other on the streets, help jump a stalled car, buy a hot meal for someone who might be hungry, and not because it's Mardi Gras but because we are humans. We keep this magic alive because we choose to live this way, in this magical city that affords us these wonderful traditions. Thank you for making this Mardi Gras so very special. See you on the other side of the mask my fellow New Orleanians 💚💛  xx Desiree

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