Out to Lunch

Badass Balloon Co founder Desiree Ontiveros was a guest on business radio show "Out to Lunch" on NPR affiliate WWNO 89.9. You can listen to the interview here: bit.ly/4getWk as economist and Tulane finance Professor Peter Ricchiuti discusses the business of leaving it all behind to have some fun as an entrepreneur.
Forget About Work  May 18, 2017
There are times in your life when things go right. Whether it’s good luck, good timing, or good management, you just need to celebrate. The simplest way to do that is to throw a party. A few drinks, some food, the right people - and to top it all off some helium balloons with racy adult sayings guaranteed to make everybody laugh.
Where would you get helium balloons with racy adult sayings from? The answer is the specialty adult balloon company, Badass Balloon Co. And guess what? It’s right here in New Orleans. Desiree Ontiveros, the founder of Badass Balloon Co, joins Peter Ricchiuti on this edition of Out to Lunch. -
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