Bachelorette Party planning and decor ideas by Badass Balloon Co.

Spice Your Bash Up with Giant Balloons and Hot Entertainers

There are so many events before a girl's wedding, and the Bachelorette Party is undoubtedly the most fun...and yes, it’s one of the most important. Are you planning your bestie's single life send-off? In that case, you've been working hard to book the best destination, accommodation, transportation, and bachelorette party activities.

Now that you have all that checked off and the day of your bash quickly approaches, your focus is on picking the party supplies, matching outfits, accessories, and all the other fun stuff that makes your party stand out. Another way to make sure your bash lives up to the hype is by customizing the party spot with loads of colorful themed decorations.

To make the bachelorette party feel complete these must-have decorations set the tone and mood for the party. Not to mention that you will be creating the perfect spot for Insta-worthy shots.

Balloons, balloons, and more fun balloons!


There's only one rule when it comes to decorating your bachelorette party spot: you need to take the bachelorette's style into consideration and choose a fun theme that captures her style in themed decorations. After all, it's her once-in-a-lifetime event so it must look epic. When decorating the bachelorette party venue, one thing is sure: you can never go wrong with balloons and floats. Colorful giant balloons look fantastic on the wall or sprinkled throughout the place, sending the message to the world: "Yay, we are having a bachelorette party!”

Bachelorette Party Bride with Balloon Garland by Badass Balloon Co

These custom decorations have also the role of providing a talking point and bringing together all the guests involved, as there are many parties where the girls know the bride but not each other. Balloon walls are picture worthy and bring everyone together. Entertainment for the maximum level of excitement Now that you picked all the party surprises, it's time to book some seriously fun entertainment.

Yeah, girl, you need to do that if you want your besties thoroughly entertained. There are a plethora of bachelorette party activities you can choose from. Find the activity that the bachelorette likes and center the bash around that. Does she like pool parties? If yes, book a vacation rental with a big pool, fill it with floats and balloons, hire some handsome Cabana Boys to increase the level of excitement.

Bad Girl Productions Cabana Boys

Add a Mimosa bar to the mix and you have everything you need for an epic splash. Do you want something more sophisticated for your besties with a refined palate? Book a limo or a party bus to take you to the best local wineries or vineyards for a lavish wine-chocolate extravaganza. Add some extra fun to the party by booking local entertainers, bartenders, and some insanely sexy exotic dancers to spice up your night. Once all the details are taken care of and you have all your besties gathered, kick off the celebration and have a blast!


About the author: Bad Girl Liz is the founder and the CEO of Bad Girl Productions. She worked in various fields of the entertainment industry in Hollywood and San Diego. Using her party planning skills and entertainment industry background, Liz provides her clients with the Ultimate Bachelorette Party Experience.

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