Top 5 Places to Find Burlesque on a Monday Night

Top 5 Places to Find Burlesque on a Monday Night

Dita Von Teese’s Art of the Teese show is coming to an end soon (link to previous article) and it’s got us on a burlesque kick. We were talking about who to see and where to see them when we were like, “Where the fuck can you catch some fabulous burlesque on a Monday night?” We called some friends, did some homework, and it does exist.
Eve Lavelle at Monday Night Tease in Los Angeles! Literally every Monday at 10pm you can catch a burlesque show. Insane.
Comic Strip—a comedy and burlesque show—at Siberia in New Orleans!
Meka La Creme at The Odditorium for their weekly Risque Monday show in Asheville, NC!
Hubba Hubba Revue is every Monday in San Francisco, welcoming performers from across the country!
Last but not least, Panties at the Bar is every Monday at 3 Kings Tavern in Colorado!

​You’re welcome.

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