#WCW Celebrity Chef Kat Turner

#WCW Celebrity Chef Kat Turner

Kat Turner Isn't Your Ordinary Chef. That's Why We are Highlighting her for our Badass Babes Series of Women We are Seriously Crushing on!

ROLE/TITLE:​Chef, and all-around hustler.

Kat Turner is Anthony Bourdain'sfemale incarnation. She's traveled to parts unknown and is fearless when is comes to adapting to new situations. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute NYC as well as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Kat is a certified holistic coach and it resonates through her career with her commitment to the intersection of health, taste and culture.

Her style is much like her experience, a little bitHollywood glam, a little bit rock n' roll. Kat created averysuccessful niche for herself as aprivate chef to blockbuster A-list stars so famous we can't even say who they are and rockstars such as The Smashing Pumpkins. Afterbouncing around from tour to tour and movie set to movie set, Kat hastransitioned to a Boss Lady role as theexecutive chef at the ultraexclusive shangri-la wellness resort in Utah for the top CEO's and most brilliant minds in all of the world. Her roots are planted.

What was your career path to becoming a Badass?
Born into the badass, honed my skills as a go-go dancer and burlesque queen on the tables and bars of Hollywood, mastered my craft learning and cooking in NYC and then took on the world.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Meditate for 20 mins, make tea, then call one of my bffs to discuss the horrors of the previous night.

Proudest Moment to date?
At the insistence of my friend Jeffrey Zurofsky I took an executive chef gig last winter co-running the culinary program at the high-profile retreat shangri-la in Utah known as Summit Powder Mountain. Besides cooking for some of the top minds in the world I was also in charge of running a team of rag-tag local kids who I was lucky enough to teach and inspire.
Coming from the private chef world I had never cooked for groups of 100-200 guests, dealt with the piles of administrative BS that comes with an exec position, or be a boss-ass bitch to a crew... I was scared to death, like terrified! But with the support and serious patience of my co-chef Haru, my friend Jeffrey, and the team up on the mountain I was able to CRUSH and learn a ton about what it really means to be a leader.

What is your favorite daily expletive?

Favorite Badass Balloon?
"That ass though..." for anyone who's ever walked behind me, you get it. For anyone who hasn't, get in line.

When they make your biopic what is the scene that you are going to hope they leave out?
That one time at The Box in NYC... oh and the time at The Box in London... Actually any time at The Box can be omitted, thanks.

What's your best piece of advice for aspiring Badasses?

I'm going to rephrase a quote my friend Kristen Coates told me once about partygirls when we were young champagne-chugging maniacs...
"Badasses don't get embarrassed, they become legends."
Let your curiosity out-burn your fear!

Follow Kat on Instagram @katturnerwashere and on her website www.katturnercooks.com. You can taste some of Kat's delicious food through @realeatsfoodmeal delivery service.

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