Balloon Color Combinations: Creating an Instagram-Worthy Party

Balloon Color Combinations: Creating an Instagram-Worthy Party

There's no magic formula to throwing a spectacular awe-inspiring party. But there are some design staples that make the whole planning process a lot easier. Choosing a color palette that reflects your creative vision is one of the very first steps in planning an event.  Whether you’re planning a lavish extravaganza or an intimate backyard gathering, your color palette will set the tone and mood for the entire celebration.
Almost everyone has a favorite color. While your color bias is a valuable starting point, let’s expand and explore the possibilities of color palettes in events.

There are no rules when it comes to creativity. But color theory is a science with fundamentals and diagrams and... Wait, don’t leave! I’ll keep it simple! I promise! I get that you just want to throw a party and not be lectured in Newtonian light behaviour theory. So… color combinations can pretty much be summed into 4 categories and I’ve put together color palettes that show that to help inspire your next party.


pink party decoration


Monochromatic Party Scheme

You can keep your party simple and chic with a monochromatic color scheme. But simple doesn’t have to mean boring. With light and dark hues of the same color family, you can layer interesting patterns, textures, and shapes, allowing the main color to make the impact and leave a lasting impression. Think of different shades of red through flower arrangements, balloon design, plate settings, tablescapes, and even through specialty cocktails. It’ll look ultramodern and amazing for all Instagrammable moments, trust and believe!

Achromatic Party Scheme

Many black and white parties trends are often mislabeled as monochromatic. Technically they are Achromatic, a color scheme “without color”. Black and White are often associated with class and elegance, and makes for a swank party where guests can stand out against these chic neutrals. Black and white balloons are always elegant, but consider taking it to overall decor as well. Think of black and white streamers and table runners, black and white candles, and black and white cutlery.

Complementary Colors Party Scheme

If you are looking for a lively and inviting party, you can't go wrong with the pairing of colors that are directly across the color wheel from each other. Most holidays and sports teams can be associated with complementary color pairing. Unless you're the Grinch himself, you're probably really familiar with the traditional red and green color combination at Christmas. Or the orange and blue of the New York Knicks and Mets. So this color strategy is the perfect choice for theme parties where the holiday or seasonal event is the main celebration.


Analogous Colors Party Scheme

Analogous colors are pleasing to the eye no wonder they are so trendy! These are 3 colors positioned next to each other on the color wheel. They can create a sense of balance in your party decor, making it interesting, but not too overwhelming. It’s the perfect color scheme to your birthday party or major life achievement that deserves to be celebrated. It’ll look fun and reflect your impeccable sense of taste.

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