Welcome to our very first edition of "Color of the Week".

It is pretty self explanatory, each week we will choose a color or color scheme and tell you why we love it and why you need to follow suit!


Badass Balloon Co Neutral Installation

You might as well call us Switzerland, because we always choose neutral. Neutrals are not only easy, but serve as the basis for any palette. It is clean, warm, inviting, and lets your fashion choices speak volumes. Neutrals take command of a room, without making the room feel small. Neutrals can make a small area feel much more spacious and less cluttered. Neutrals scream ~good vibes.~

Neutrals sometimes get a bad wrap as being too boring, but we are here to debunk that. A neutral backdrop creates a welcoming interior. Bold colors can be fun, but the soft neutral hue will go the distance. Bright colors can be cold and shocking, while the calm neutrals will keep your inner peace. You will never tire of the array of ivory and greige (gray - beige), and it is oh so soothing on the eyes.

    Badass Balloon Co Installation   Badass Balloon Co Prep for Neutral Installation

Some of our favorite neutral tones include: blush, ivory, greige, gold, and toffee. These classics were recently used for the NACE event in New Orleans at the new Event Gallery Bistro (formerly Tomas Bistro). And baby it was hella cute.


Neutral Balloon Color Palette

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