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Drag Queen Balloongrams

January 29, 2020 1 Comment

Drag Queen Balloongrams

Celebrate Valentine's Day The Badass Balloon Co. way with Drag Queen Balloongrams
Drag Queen Balloongram Badass Balloon Co
With the digital age thriving among us, celebrations of love (and hate) are shown through pixelated displays of affection. But does a post about how much you appreciate your loved one really get the memo across? Yes people send physical flowers and candy, but those are dated, boring, and predictable. If you really want to make a statement with glamour and flair, deliver your loved ones a Drag Queen Balloongram!
Badass Balloon Co.'s trademark Drag Queen Balloongrams bring fun joy with the age old art of singing telegrams. Singing telegrams seem to be a lost art, and we love putting life back into it with our own twist. Your queen will not only give you our fabulous balloons, but she will sing a little song and let you take as many selfies as you want! But she must be off within 15 minutes, because a girl has priorities. 
Badass Balloon Co Drag Queen Balloongrams  Badass Balloon Co Drag Queen Balloongrams
Our Queens have New Orleans style and grace and will make your Valentine’s Day one you will never forget. Our Drag Queen Balloongrams are the perfect gift for  friends, clients, significant other, or your local politician! Wouldn’t you love to see your parent’s face in front of their work colleagues?  Social. Media. Gold.


Delivery Includes:

  1. Curated balloon bouquet
  2. Badass Pinata: Candy Heart Pinata (10 inches) 
  3. Personal Delivery by a certified Drag Queen, a little song and all the selfies you can handle for about 10 mins.

Limited Delivery available. 


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July 02, 2020

I’m looking for something like this for my bestie! Where are you located?

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