Fun Fall Party Ideas to Make the Most Out of the Season

Fun Fall Party Ideas to Make the Most Out of the Season

Change is in the air, pumpkin spice season is just around the corner, and plaid shirts have been waiting for you in the wardrobe. Oh, I’ve missed mustard sweaters, layers, and bearable humidity levels.

Summer might be the best month for partying, but Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year to entertain. If you are anything like me and love to throw house parties and dinner gatherings to catch up with friends, keep reading! We’ve come up with four creative ideas for you to host an unforgettable Fall Feté.

Backyard Fall Feast

The best part about hosting a backyard fall fest is that decor is practically done for you. Mother Nature got you covered and those beautiful leaves changing colors are your lazy-yet-beautiful backdrop. Adding a few pumpkins or gourds scattered around will bring the whole thing together. For the menu, barbeques and backyards go well together. But make it fall friendly and don’t forget to mix up a batch of fall punch by combining apple cider, cranberry juice and ginger ale. If there are no kids involved, adding caramel vodka to the punch makes it a lot more interesting, trust me.

backyard fall party ideas

Gather your Coven for Bonfire Fun

Upstage the fire with your hotness! Tap someone well-versed in fire safety and maintaining a flame. A bonfire usually requires plenty of open space to accommodate its oversized flames and guests  safely. Picnic foods like sandwiches, wraps, and chips are a great choice for any outdoor event, but consider adding in some goods that can be roasted over a flame, like hot dogs, corn on the cob, and, of course, marshmallows. Finally, set the mood with a dreamy playlist and invite guests to dance around the fire in a ritual that will definitely leave your neighbors unsettled.


Why go outside and deal with hordes of strangers streaming around, when you can have your own Oktoberfest to drown in beer and pretzels at home? Pick up a checkered tablecloth and gather all the beer steins you can find. Costumes are encouraged. But maybe we can leave the loud folk band out of this one. Throw a craft beer tasting that will definitely get everyone believing they are fluent in german. Finally, it’s not Oktoberfest without sausages, but don’t forget to include in the menu the grilled chicken with potato salad. And prost! to you as host.


Haunted House Party

The chilly fall temp and dark evenings are the perfect backdrop to a haunted house party. And who says Halloween is just for kids? You can definitely have a Whore-fying Party with only adults involved. Go extra and set up your home with creepy decorations like faux graves, scary mummies, and plenty of cobwebs. Replace your traditional light bulbs with black lights and use fog machines throughout the place to add to the overall sense of doom and gloom. Play eerie music and absolutely encourage guests to dress to impress with costumes. Serve frighteningly good food with a sip of kitschy halloween, like blood-red sangria and eyeball deviled eggs. For entertaining you can watch a scary movie or just swap scary ghost stories. It’s going to be boo-tiful!

There you have it. Let’s celebrate and welcome the fall equinox with open arms. Well.. maybe not that open just yet.... I mean... who the f*ck invited Delta to the party...

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