Top 5 F*cked up Celebrity Costumes of 2019

Top 5 F*cked up Celebrity Costumes of 2019

We understand the appeal of being wealthy. Money to the rich is like water to us poor folk, we don't know where it comes from, we just know it will always be there. Because #MERICA, right?  Having that type of influence must make them feel above the law and this Halloween, you can feel it too with out real repercussions.

This Halloween, feel what it is like to be Rich & Notorious for a day with our staff's favorite wealthy influencer costumes. 

P.s. It's pretty fucked up.

1. Snitches Get Stitches feat. Takashi 6ix9ine

If you are following the Takashi 6ix9ine trial...well you prob know more than us. Something about drugs, kidnapping, entry level gang banging and a foiled murder plot? The only thing we know about this, is this guy singing like a canary  and we're hoping he starts a trend. 

2. I'mpeach 45

We've been watching this knock off version of HBO's Sopranos, where a bunch of white guys pretending to be Italian fumble at every turn to become the The Boss, The Consigliere, The Underboss, Capos and Soldiers. This low rent version has people committing Crime Boss 101 faux-pas like forgetting they are being recorded, leaving money trails, and murdering people in broad daylight (rest in Hell, Jeffery Epstein). We are hoping Fox cancels this show immediately. Because ain't nobody got time for garbage television. 

3. Prisoner Becky

"When you're lost out there and you're all alone, a light is waiting to carry you home." -Full House Theme Song and also how Aunt Becky's fans sign off in their letters to her in prison. Aunt Becky is one lucky girl, she got to sleep with John Stamos on the reg and in real life Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Gianulli are were worth a cool $100 Million. Want to know what they spent that money on? Nope not what we would have (Champagne, Cocaine and Hookers) but rather on sneaking their "Instagram Model" daughters into a school that's really not THAT hard to get into if you spent at least 50% of your time reading vs. 100% of your time taking selfies. Row, row, row that boat all the way to prison Aunt Becky. Yes the one your daughter has never even been in. 

4. Thoughts and Prayers

We love the constitution. Especially the second one that says we have the right to bear arms. I mean, it was a tough time back then in 1787. There was a tyrannical monarch who would send his armies to annihilate anyone who didn't agree with him (in modern day, it's Twitter). So the constitution was written to ensure that towns could prevent hostile take overs by allowing citizens to form militias that would protect them from sieges. I know what you're thinking, what does that mean for us in the 21st century? Lucky for us, the NRA has travelled back in time, spoken with the founders and have confirmed that they also meant that they wanted every civilian regardless of mentally capacity and extremist views to own automatic guns so they can protect themselves from propagated fear and threats that don't exist. The NRA also brings word from our forefathers that if someone goes rogue and murder's innocent people in the name of the 2nd Amendment, that the cure all is thoughts and prayers

5. White House Murder Mystery

When we want to be posh we play a round of golf. But when you are in the 1% you round up underage girls with your friends for decades but never get caught because you know where all of their bodies are buried. Luckily for said "friends" Jeffrey Epstein is rotting in hell. Unlucky for countless victims even post houmously his sins continue to be covered. In 2019's biggest whodunnit murder mystery, the public remains in the dark about what really happened the day that Epstein died and who really had so much to lose that he would order this hit? We wish that 6ix9ine had the scoop on this, because as far as we are concerned, someone needs to be singing like a canary so that justice can be served. 


This Halloween watch as the world burns in style with the perfect Halloween Party Accessories. 


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