How to say Goodbye to your 20's in Style

How to say Goodbye to your 20's in Style

How to say goodbye to your 20s in Style!

That old cliché rings true: Life gets better with age. Unless you were the head high school cheerleader, married the star Quarter Back and you realize your glory years may, in fact, be behind you with 3+ kids destroying your house. 


Actually, even if you peaked before you were 20, saying goodbye to 29 in style is a great way to set the tone for a new, beautiful decade.   

If we could do it all over again, here are our favorite picks for saying "RIP Youth". 

Order a round at your favorite Dive or Champagne Bar 
You don’t have to go big. In fact, casual and fun is a great way to take the pressure off and bring out your close friends. Literally kiss your 20s goodbye by heading to your favorite college dive, make a scene so big you can never go back. Or class it up at a champagne bar while nibbling on paprika dusted popcorn. Better: start under the chandelier of a champagne bar and end up swinging from the light fixtures of your (ex)favorite dive bar.

Private Room at a Restaurant 
Pick up the phone, make a reservation for you and a handful of your closest friends (who have salaried jobs) at a restaurant with a private room, breathe a sigh of relief because you have just won life. With one phone call, you have ensured an intimate, elegant evening with little to no effort on your part. Well… you’ll need a jaw dropping outfit. And probably some balloon centerpieces. But other than that, you’re set.

Rooftop Hangout
You’re about to be 30 and even if you’re personal and professional like is a bit of a mess, you’re on top of the world when you’re on a rooftop bar. Don’t worry about not having your life together at 30. Honestly, the most interesting people in the world don’t have it together at 80. Tonight the universe is yours, so raise your glass to the stars (and balloons) above and the city below.

Rent (or create) a Karaoke Room 
Stir up friends with a karaoke machine and alcohol. Mix in balloons and fire up Instagram for some of the best stories of your life. Don’t be shy: grab your crush for a duet. You may also want to add a bling microphone cover to your Amazon cart and download a sparkle app on your phone for some extra glittery videos. You’re welcome.

House Party / Pool Party 
You could get your house cute, or just rent an Airbnb and throw a house party. Get in there a day early and kit it out with a few DIY balloon installations. Make an outdoor spot for the pinata portion of the party. For an earlier fete, set up a Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar. For a later rager, go big with an ice luge. There are a million ways to do it. Just do it.  

Badass Balloon Co Yassss Bitch Balloons

Road Trip
Hop in the car (or on a plane or train…) and go somewhere an hour away for a change of scenery. Trade city life for sea and sand, or if you’re a snow bunny find the nearest mountain cabin. (Nineties neon ski-suits are a must.) Whether it’s beachside, pool side, or flying down the side of a mountain, invite your closest pals for a weekend adventure to ring in the next decade. Take a few Badass Balloons as social media props to make everyone super jealous. Don't forget the balloon sticks so you don't have to bother with helium!


Sporting Event 
We didn’t forget about your Ms. Cheerleader. Why not gather up those pals you haven’t seen since high school, leave the kids behind and unwind with your favorite team? Bring the husbands or make it a girl’s night, just don’t forget to sport your home team’s favorite colors. Deflated balloons are way easier to put in your small, stadium-regulation clear purse than pom-poms. Blow those puppies up, wave them around and show them something unique for the jumbo-tron. Just sayin. We see you, Sporty Spice.

New Orleans Saints Balloons Badass Balloon Co

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