2019 was oh so good to us and oh so exhausting. So many BIG things happened that I can't even remember them all. OH WAIT, I do.
Desiree Ontiveros Greasing of the Poles 2019 Winner Mardi Gras New Orleans
In February our founder and chief, Desiree Ontiveros, won the 50th Anniversary Greasing of the Poles. What is greasing of the poles you non-new-orleanians might ask? It occurs the Friday before Mardi Gras outside a hotel on Bourbon Street to kick off Mardi Gras weekend in the French Quarter. The hotel began greasing their poles more than half a century ago as a way to deter parade goers from shimmying up the support poles to achieve a better view. Now the practice has turned into a star studded event with select people competing to see who can grease their pole the best. Our girl won with her comedic talents and drag queens on stand by. She used tiny hands to grease the poles and it was comedy gold. It was QUITE the sight.
In March many businesses around New Orleans voted our HBIC as Woman of the Year. It is put on by Jim Monahan who owns many Irish enthusiastic restaurants and bars around the city. Desiree had her own parade and chauffeured around the city during St Patty's weekend. Who would have thought that the little girl from El Paso who grew up and took a weird vacation to New Orleans would end up being adopted by the NOLA natives and named Woman of the God d*mn year!?!
Desiree Ontiveros NPR
In May Badass Balloon Co was featured on NPR. Desiree did an interview with  Kai Ryssda on NPR Marketplace speaking about the future of the party supply industry. And of course her love affair with New Orleans did not go unnoticed.
Desiree Ontiveros Southern Living
Then in August Badass Balloon Co was featured in Southern Living! They did an article about Desiree and her dream of changing the party planning game. They were amazed by the size of the balloons and the size of the equipment she has to use. They loved her energy and drive in a under tapped market.
Desiree and Badass Balloons Co have accomplished so much in 2019, we all cannot wait to see what is in store for us in 2020. A billion dollar check perhaps? Ok, we'll settle for a 50 mil install. Its all happening!

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