#ThirstyThursday: Byron Morales of Kenton's

#ThirstyThursday: Byron Morales of Kenton's


Byron Morales moved from Chicago to New Orleans in 2012, which to most means he's a native. When he arrived to this city he immediately started working in the service industry. The first place he worked was focused on rum, but once he started at Kenton's, he dove headfirst into the world of wine and more importantly, whiskey. 

Kenton's is located on a lush corner on Magazine St. Uptown. The restaurant’s namesake is Simon Kenton, a founder of the town of Maysville, the Kentucky port town from which whiskey was first shipped out of state on flatboats. The primary downriver destination was New Orleans where the whiskey gained popularity. 

Byron's trick to making a great whiskey cocktail is creating balance between the spirt and sweetness, herbs, or citrus. The freedom to use high end whiskeys and the the advantages of having a wonderful kitchen are what keep him pushing to find new and creative ways to make cocktails. He says he loves being a bartender in New Orleans because he loves drinking, and so does the city.

If you'd rather Byron do all the hard work for you, find him at 
Kenton's, 5757 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

The Noreaster

​2oz bourbon
1/2oz lime juice
1/2oz maple syrup

Shake Ingredients with ice. Strain into glass with fresh ice and top with ginger beer.

Download the recipe below!

There's more where this came from. Check back next week for a feature at one of our favorite hotel bars in town!

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