#ThirstyThursday: Daniel Brooks of Moxy Hotel

#ThirstyThursday: Daniel Brooks of Moxy Hotel

When Daniel Brooks was just 14 years old, he "escaped to a small grove in the woods to ask God which church he should join." God told him to be an English major. And so, years later, Daniel moved to New Orleans and started bartending. Since then he has placed his faith in tequila and gin to explore unique flavor profiles when crafting cocktails. This character is perfect to share a laugh with at 3am at the Moxy bar on a Tuesday that got a little out of control. 

Moxy is a boutique hotel in Downtown New Orleans with the social heart of a hostel. The lobby is a giant bar and social area that carries all the amenities and comforts, including games, grab-n-go bites They encourage you to do the fun shit you'd never think of doing at home with likeminded spirits you'd otherwise never have met, which we're into. It's important to note that the bar is 24/7.

Because gin and tonic is by nature an herby and bright combination, the softer flavor of cold brew coffee takes a comfortable backseat to the crispness of the juniper berries and quinine. Find out how to make it below!
Image courtesy of Moxy Hotels
If you need a daytime pick me up, or find yourself Downtown at 4am on a Tuesday, you can find Daniel at 210 O'Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112.
1.5 Botanist Gin
1.5 Church Alley Cold Brew
.5 Simple Syrup
.75 Fresh Lime
1 drop Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters

​Stir in ice, strain over fresh ice, and top with tonic!
We're just getting started. Same time next week?

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