Valentine's Day Drag Queen Balloongrams

Valentine's Day Drag Queen Balloongrams

Badass Balloon Co. teamed up with New Orleans Drag Queens to provide balloon delivery on Valentine’s Day
New Orleans, LA. (February 14, 2017) Badass Balloon Co., the sassy online party balloon company has hit the streets of New Orleans with its glamorous squad of Drag Queens to spread a little love and laughs on Valentine’s Day.

This unforgettable gift included delivery by a local New Orleans Drag performer, a short excerpt of a song, one dozen hilarious Valentine’s Day themed phrases including “Thanks for not Ghosting”, “I Still Think Your Hot when I’m Sober”, “Cupid Can Suck It”, and “Hot Tramp, I Love You So!” and include a dozen balloon cookies with sassy phrases and all the selfies our clients could  take in about 10 mins. 
“During a time with so much social tension, we wanted to have some fun and bring some joy with the age old art of singing telegrams,” said Desiree Ontiveros, founder Badass Baloon Co., “Flowers and candy are so predictable with our Drag Queen Balloongrams you are able to buy your friend, client or significant other a truly unique social media moment and rack up those likes.”
Bookings for Drag Queen Balloongrams poured in and were  gifted from constituents to politicians, sons to mothers, as corporate gifts and of course between sweethearts.
Although Drag Queen Balloongrams are only offered in New Orleans this year, balloons are not limited to New Orleans as Badass Balloon Co. ships worldwide. You can find these love and sexy time themed Badass Balloons along with over 25 other phrases for any occasion online at and have them filled at any local party store when they arrive at your destination.

For more information contact Desiree on 

Photos by: Jason Kruppa @kruppaphoto

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