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  • #WCW: Artist, Ashley Longshore

    August 30, 2017

    #WCW: Artist, Ashley Longshore

    The team at Badass Balloon Co. are mega fans of badass women, because we're badass women. We are here to share the stories of our peers and our idols. This series is for the entrepreneurs, the corporate leaders, the fierce mommas, and all the women who pave their way fearlessly without giving a fuck. 

    First up is an interview our favorite local New Orleans painter, Ashley Longshore.
    Image courtesy of GoNOLA

    Name: Ashley Longshore
    Location: 4537 Magazine Street 
    Current Role: Artist/President

    What was your career path into becoming a badass?
    I was already a badass and it lead me towards my career.  Badasses are born not made.
    What is the first thing you do in the morning?
    I look at my self in the mirror, pinch my nipples and say "I would fuck me."

    Proudest Moment to date?
    Being in a position to help other artists makes me really happy.  Being able to mentor and help change the industry.  I love helping artists succeed individually rather than having to give up 50% to a gallery.

    What is your favorite daily expletive?

    Favorite Badass Balloon?

    When they make your biopic what is the scene that you are going to hope they leave out?
    There's nothing I would want to be hidden.  I'm an open book, baby, that's my job...I want to show it all!

    What's your best piece of advice for aspiring Badasses?
    I think being a real badass isn't about the good stuff, it's how you handle the bad stuff thats going to happen because if you're willing to be an entrepreneur, you gotta face a lot of rejection.

    You can find Ashley Longshore at her gallery on Magazine Street (4537 Magazine Street) and online at ashleylongshore.com!

    We'll be featuring more badass women in the months to come. If you know someone badass that we should feature, send us a recommendation at info@badassballoonco.com!

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