We kicked off our Carnival season with a VERY SPECIAL birthday brunch for founder, Desiree. Hosted by her dear friends Laura Ashley and Swathi Narra, the Mardi Gras dress rehearsal was held at the fabulous New Orleans restaurant Zasu by local Chef Sue Zemanick.
We love all things Mardi Gras so the drinks, decor, dress code all said sequins, feathers and glitter! Guests sipped champagne and ate a three course meal, which of course was followed by a delicious king cake from local woman owned business, Sucre (which ships nationwide)
It wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without costumes! This krewe is dressed head to toe in local designers and artisans - Desiree’s extravagant peacock headpiece was one of the first pieces she ever made for her first Mardi Gras season. Desiree’s dress was straight from the drag queen closet of Miss Kookie Baker.
Expert neon contouring was by artist Brittany Schall who also owns local fashion brand La Adorna which are the very cool rainbow headpieces worn by everyone at the party!
The shimmery sequin appliquéd dusters like the one worn below by Rupa Jolly is from textile artist Ellen Macomber who has a show running now through Mardi Gras Day at the Martine Chaisson Gallery in New Orleans.
Actress Margo Stilley wore a custom ram horn wig styled by the hair gurus of
We rate this Sunday Funday a 10/10 because there’s no such thing as too much for the indulgent season of Carnival in New Orleans. Plus, we have a lot of making up to do for missing our beloved Mardi Gras last year so this year we’re doing it up! We have much to be grateful for from last year.
We received the gift of house floats from Krewe of Red Beans making a comeback this year adding to our list of whimsical traditions that only New Orleans can bring. In 2022 we’re grateful for celebration and safety with our closest friends and family with the magical mayhem of Mardi Gras.

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