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Snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails. Badass Balloons are composed of 100% natural latex. Natural latex balloons are produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It is collected without harming the tree by using an environmentally-safe, age-old process similar to that used for collecting the sap from maple trees for syrup.

A latex balloon is made from 100% organic material and is biodegradable. Stress caused by inflation starts this decomposition cycle. Exposure to sunlight accelerates the process — oxygen and microorganisms continue the molecular attack even in the dark. Deterioration is clearly evident within a few hours and the “frosting” that makes latex balloons look as if they are losing their color, is one of the first signs of this process. 

Research shows that under similar environmental conditions, latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. The actual total degradation time will vary depending on the precise conditions. But the key is to always dispose of any trash whether biodegradable or not in a responsible manner.

I’m not sure if you were paying attention in 7th grade science class but helium escapes and your balloons will be on the floor. this has nothing to do with the quality of the Bolude and everything to do with basic science. We recommend that you fill the balloons no more than two hours prior to your event.

Please also note that if you are using store-bought canisters, the helium content of those are very low compared to medical grade helium used at grocery stores in the floral section, and professional party supply shops. Which means that if you are filling up balloons from a red canister at home you have about two hours of float time tops. They will NOT last all day and it will not be the quality of our product, rather the quality of the helium you used.

Float Time and Helium Capacity:  Float time is affected by various conditions … inside, outside, hot, cold, humid, etc. So these are only estimates based on ideal, cool climate controlled conditions.  If you need your balloons to last longer.  Use HI-FLOAT® and your balloons will float for double the time.11″ Latex Balloons – 8-10 hours – requires .40 cubic feet of helium per balloon17″ Latex Balloons – 30-50 hours – requires 1.5 cubic feet of helium per balloon36″ Latex Balloons – 3-5 days – requires 14 cubic feet of helium per balloon

Yes, we recommend using HI-FLOAT, a balloon solution that extends the life of a balloon. It is available at most party stores where you will have your balloons filled. So ask the people filling your balloons to also add HI-FLOAT

YASSS! We love using balloon sticks!  Balloon sticks are a plastic stick with a small cone on top that secures a balloon so you can hold it upright. It gives the illusion that a balloon is floating, but you are able to blow it up with some stank breath instead. The balloon will last for weeks

— and on the plus side 

— it will not fly away! This is a great alternative for photo booths and to use for props at parties, events, etc. And it allows you to responsibly dispose of your balloons at the end of the party.

This is you against science and science will almost always win. However, we can tell you that according to sources, balloons do not pop because of "over inflation." They usually pop because of static electricity, so avoid rubbing them against clothing or fabric that conducts this type of environment. Oh, and sharp objects also win, so stay away from those. When handling very large bouquets or arches, static spray and balloon bags have been a very helpful tip from balloon professionals we work with.

Because latex balloons are made with 100% premium-quality latex, they have a shelf life of one year or longer if kept in proper conditions.
To ensure maximum shelf life, we offer the following recommendations:

Always rotate stock ...  first in, first out 
Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area 
Optimum temperature range is 68°F - 72°F 
Keep away from electrical motors, hot water pipes, and other heat sources 
Keep balloons away from direct-light sources including sunlight, fluorescent, and incandescents 

Balloon releases are bad for the environment. The worst type of littering and why balloons historically have gotten a bad reputation. We don't encourage balloon releases. First, why the hell are you going to send off Badass Balloons? These are meant to be enjoyed on the ground for everyone to see how funny you are. Second, they may be biodegradable, but so is an apple. If you throw an apple on the ground, that is littering and it still makes you an asshole. So we encourage you to dispose of our balloons properly like people who care about the environment.