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  • Get Some Inspiration to Build the Pinterest-perfect Badass Balloon Garland

    July 02, 2020

    Get Some Inspiration to Build the Pinterest-perfect Badass Balloon Garland

    One of the greatest things about building your own balloon garland is also quite daunting sometimes: the possibilities are endless. You can mix and match so many different colors of balloons, shapes, sizes, themes, that might look intimidating to attempt the creations that are popping on our social media, but they are really quite simple.

    We gathered some inspirations for different occasions and tips to help you amp up the WOW factor at your next party.

    Non traditional wedding decoration with balloons

    Balloons can be an extremely sophisticated décor and set the perfect tone for your wedding or bridal reception, but how about to refresh the bridal color palette and make your wedding stand out while reflecting who you are? We have already talked about how the creativity and uniqueness of weddings are being ruined by the same pins being circulated, so make it a celebration with strong and bold colors! Dare to be different with an alternative weeding.

     Blue and gold balloon garland - Badass Balloon Co

    You can do something a lot more creative than this caption with a mix of basic shapes and same-tone balloons. In this garland, the blue navy and chrome gold match perfectly with the blue agate and purple colors. Perfect for a graduation, a balloon garland like this will accent any grad party, and you can easily change up the colors and scale to fit your theme.


    colorful balloon garland


    Use the power of colors to bring your creative vision to life in your designs. The right combination of colors creates the impact, rather than each color individually. Trixie Minx nailed it with her choices in this beautiful piece (I guess you don't become an influencer for no reason). 

    Note: cute dogs are not included in any of the kits, please stop asking. 



    • Alternate balloon colors and sizes, there’s no need to follow an exact pattern. Mix in plenty of smaller balloons. 
    • Scatter in other decor items in your balloon garland, such as greenery, flowers, fun mylar shapes, or thematic details. 
    • A balloon arch plastic strip can save lives (okay, maybe not, but it can save you some time). 
    • The same can be said about an electric inflator.
    • It’s much better to have too many balloons than not enough!



    We got it! There's too much pressure to be creative. Why burn your brain when Badass Balloon Co artist Desiree already did that for you? Wow your guests with her curations - just hang it in the perfect Instagram worthy spot!

    Badass in Pink Balloon Garland
    Badass in Pink Installation Kit

    I wanna dance hip hop balloon garland
    I Wanna Dance With Somebody Installation Kit

     The New Romantics Badass Balloon Installation Kit

    The New Romantics Installation Kit

    Rainbow balloon garland

    Rainbow Badass Balloon Garland Installation Kit

    Cheers Balloon Garland

    Art Deco Badass Balloon Garland DIY Kit

    Snowflake balloon garland

    Snowflake Badass Balloon Installation Kit

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